VAT (Value Added Tax) Refunds / Reclaim for Europe, Japan, South Korea & Australia

VAT Seminar Description

Value Added Tax (VAT) refunds are becoming increasingly important to companies involved in global trade as well as the service providers assisting them. However, understanding the complexities and varieties of VATs and refund opportunities can be an overwhelming research ordeal. TTM International’s managing director offers an overview of VAT refund theory and the claim procedures for countries that currently have refund schemes in practice.

The seminar is not intended to provide a comprehensive, exhaustive study of VAT laws and policy. But rather, it is intended to offer an overview of these refund opportunities and procedures. Tax laws and policies vary greatly from country to country. In addition, the organizational structure, tax implications and specific circumstances of each applicant company must be carefully reviewed and analyzed before a refund claim is submitted to any foreign tax authority.

When preparing and submitting a VAT refund claim, a company is making a legal tax representation to a foreign government. A company considering making a claim for a VAT
refund should seek professional advice before making such a representation.

Seminar Content:

Value Added Taxes (VAT) represent a significant expense when exhibiting internationally, yet only 3% of American companies apply for available refunds. If your company exhibits, travels, has a branch or sales office or pays vendors internationally, discover how to recoup up to 25% of those costs with VAT refunds. You will learn:

How a VAT system works and why VAT is refundable
What types of expenses are eligible for VAT refunds
Paperwork requirements and deadlines for claims
How VAT refund opportunities are expanding each year and which countries will be offering VAT refunds in the near future
How to evaluate the services of a VAT Refund Service Supplier
What to do if your company is charged import / customs VAT on the shipment of goods

Special attention will be given to the implementation and planning for the new European Union 2010 VAT Directive (VAT Package). Extensive resources will be provided for obtaining VAT refunds and samples of VAT refund claim forms will be distributed to attendees.

If your company is interested in hosting a VAT Refund Seminar, please contact a TTM representative.